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Opinion-Benelli vs. Beretta

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Number One son has his 18th birthday coming up. He's been jonesing for an autoloader. I ordered him a left handed Benelli M-2 back in July which still hasn't come in. I found a Beretta A-400 Extreme (left handed) but chambered for 3 1/2 inch shells. The Benelli M-2 is only a 3" gun. One is inertia driven, the other gas operated. Both in Max 5 camo. Do you shoot one or the other? Do you have a preference. I've been told one cleans a lot easier than the other. Most of his shooting is over decoying birds at 20-30 yards. Unless he went for spring geese, don't know how much he'd need the extra 3 1/2 inch whomp. There is only about a $100 dollar difference between the two guns. Rebate wise, Beretta is offering a camera that goes on the barrel, Benelli is offering $150 dollars in Drake waterfowl gear. I think this is almost like the classic Chevy vs. Ford argument. Looking for some feed back before I proceed with purchase.
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They're both good guns, but I'd rather have the camera than $150 in drake gear. What's that going to get him, a pair of socks? Haha
Benelli no question. Cleaning ease is huge in my opinion when duck hunting and wanting a gun to last.
Check the weight of the guns and how they shoulder. Benelli is on the light side , while the Beretta carries a little more wt. personally I like the Beretta. Just my 2 cents.
It would be best if you let him shoulder both and get what fits best. I like the feel of the benelli's better personally.
I haven't been in the market for new gun in a while, but there have been a lot of technological advances in the auto-loaders in the past decade. Historically gas guns cycled shells more reliably and offered less recoil than gas guns. Inertia guns offered easier maintenance, and were less prone to malfunction due to the simple workings.

Benelli (Benelli is owned by Beretta) and Beretta both started going toe to toe with the Extrema and SBE. Benelli contiunally improving on the inertia operating system, Beretta with their gas system Today, the diffrences between the two aren't noticable. The Berettas are just as easy to clean and maintain, the Benelli's are just as capable at cycling with just as little recoil.

Honestly, at least for me, it really just comes down to which one feels better. The Beretta's tend to be heavier and bulkier, I prefer that feel. Some people prefer the lighter slender build of the Benelli's. Don't think your boy will be disapointed either way (though if I were him, I'd like the camera too)
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I shoot berettas and have a a400. but i will say the a400 is kinda of a bigger guys gun. everything is longer and thicker. dont no how big your boy is but if he isnt at least 5'10" i would bet money the benelli will fit him much better.
Two of the best guns on the market. It's all about what fits him best and his personal preferences. Neither will disappoint.
Tap into some of that first communion money of yours and buy him both:shootingguns:
if it starts with a B, you're good
Get a Browning....
I have both!
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