One yr. old black lab trade

Discussion in 'Hunting Dogs and Dog Equipment' started by Trainer, Sep 10, 2005.

  1. Trainer

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    <P>I have a one yr. old black lab male available for trade.&nbsp; He is a fine dog, but does not meet all confirmation standards for breed shows.&nbsp; I have trained dogs from these lines for the field without a problem.&nbsp; Great companion hunting dogs.&nbsp; Would trade for full bodied goose decoys.&nbsp; If anyone interested, please let me know.........Jim</P>
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    <P>Would you be interested in selling the dog?&nbsp; I've seen your posts many times and consider you well respected on the site.&nbsp; Therefore, the dog has to be great.&nbsp; I'm not looking for a show dog, just a house dog that gets his share of the marsh.&nbsp; Also, with him being a year old, is he housebroken?&nbsp; If you are interested, please PM me pictures or put them on the original post. thanks&nbsp;&nbsp; eric</P>