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Discussion in 'Ohio Gobbler Hunting' started by Borderjumper, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. Borderjumper

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    One more week guys, can hardly wait! Hope next Monday morning is just like today. Scouted the property and seems like the winter flocks have broken up. Heard a number of birds gobbling in the afternoon.<br> Good luck and feed em a face full of #5 heavi shot.<br>
  2. girdybird

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    Unfortunately, I have not been able to do any real scouting this year because of other committments. I will be relying on those that live near where I am hunting in Coshocton county come opening day. I find it real hard to be able to drive about 2 hours with these gas prices to do the scouting I would like to do. Maybe, someday I can retire and find me a place in the turkey and deer woods of southeastern Ohio.<br> &nbsp; On another note, I am planning on getting a day this Saturday with the youth hunt but because of other committments will not get to travel far. Has anyone heard any birds near Ceasars Creek state park?<br>

  3. jeffk

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    <P>Can't wait either!&nbsp; Hopefully a bird or birds will be tagged between Val and I by now next week. Got a lot of birds located and just maybe the early opener will be special.</P> <br> The youth opener will tell the tale on the early season. Seen a good flock of toms and hens in the same place two days in a row for the youth opener.<br> Friday morning&nbsp; will be the final decision on the setups.<br> <br> I have two more farms to scout tomorrow and Weds. Then it is back to the old spots for next week.<br>
  4. Pale_Rider

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    We're heading to Kentucky thursday morning, friday is their opener. Depending on how things go down there, we may be back here by mid week. Im ready! Good luck to everyone.<img src="/images/boards/smilies/smile.gif" border="0" align="absmiddle">
  5. Wolfbangduck

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    I can hardly wait! let's make some plan's for the trip out east, talk to you over the wwekend