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Old woman creek deer gun hunt???????

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My oldest son got a hunt here. The regulations say "rifled slugs and muzzleloader only". I called to see if these were ancient rules and if rifles were now permitted due to the recent changes. The female I talked to seemed to have no clue what I was talking about and told me to just follow the sheet I was sent.

According to what I was sent, we can't even use my slug gun with a rifled barell and saboted slugs, as it says "rifled slugs". I assume these are the same regs they have been putting out for years, and haven't changed them since the state laws on legal weapons have changed????

I plan on calling again and speakin to someone who else, but does anyone kno to what the actual rules are out there? Done some googling, but can't find anything.
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Sounds like your over thinking it, Sounds to me like it's muzzle loaders and shotguns only.

But, there might be a point in checking in ref. to out dated regs. Call and get a hold of someone that has balls. Seams to me that people that don't own a pair don't usually know whats going on. I ran into this condition when I last got my motor worked on. The person I talked to there with no balls and a soft voice didn't have a clue. Good luck with it.
If you called the main office they will know every little about the hunt. I would call the district HQ and talk with them but I agree that you are over thinking it. If you look at a map there are some houses on the one side that are fairly close which I know doesn't mean a hill of beans with the distance we can get out of muzzies and shotguns compared to the rifle calibres we can use but if you take a non-hunter and mention "rifle" they will think AKs et al. BTW, Ravenna is still shotgun only too.

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