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Offer a prayer today..........

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Today, May 8, marks the one year anniversary that our good friend and OW alum Dwight Gregory was tragically taken from us in a car/motorcycle accident while on his way to work. I know that many still lament his passing, and rightly so. My son and I have enjoyed many,many great days in the fields while hunting over our golden retrievers Darby and Molly, the product of Dwight's K & T Gundogs. We spoke lovingly of Dwight this morning on our way home from Catawba Island. I know how difficult of a day it had to be for Dwight's family- wife Julie and kids Kallie and Trent, as they are forced to recall that horribly tragic day in their lives.. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers today.
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It is always very sad, when people leave this world unnaturally. It is too soon and grievous. Prayers sent to all gone in tragedies!
God Bless all Honest True People, n Dwights Family, I Remember back 12-12-2012 at 4:48am I just got my Decoys duck n goose set in the field I was Huning on Darsh rd. n Route2 near Davis Besse, my phone ringing n my Mother crying Histericly. I cudnt make her out but I cud feel her Pain, the same pain I was experiencing, We lost my Duck Commander the man who 1st had me Smelling the Powder drifting thru the air, cud talk the Language of them Ducks, n Smelling of a wet Doggy, my Daddy... He was Gone 4Ever, ( But Never Will b Forgoten,) Daddy I will never b able to tell you thank You enough,,, here is his Picture, he Was a True Duck Commander, I miss them Awsome 1960s at Locust Point :(
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