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Nutrisource - looking for feedback

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I have been feeding my Labs ProPlan for close to 20 years, my current dog had allergies and sensitive skin and I was thinking about trying a grain free diet.

I adopted a Lab from a rescue a few weeks ago and the rescue operator was telling me about Nutrisource. I did some research online and liked what I initially found. I am starting my dogs on this but was curious if anyone here has used it in the past or currently.

If you are feeding this, what kind of portions do you use (dogs are 80-100 pounds). ProPlan calls for like 4 cups daily, I feed 3 (1 in AM, 2 in PM). Nutrisource seems to call for smaller portions - 2.5 -3 cups daily.

These dogs are not working, possibly the new guy has potential but my other Lab is a couch dog.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated

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I have three high drive labs and they all are feed Nutra source. They do great on it. I feed them 2 cups a day.

What do your labs weigh?
Eric, where do you buy? Are they on the grain free food? Cost versus a high end Purina product.
I am buying it from Chewy.com . 30# bag of Chicken and Pea formula
$49.00 , ships free and I get $2.50 off for auto ship monthly.

I was feeding 33# bag -Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin and Stomach,
$41 plus tax. (Pet Supplies Plus)

I figure the slight increase is not that bad considering I need to feed less on the Nutrisource.
Eric, where do you buy? Are they on the grain free food? Cost versus a high end Purina product.
Mike I used to buy it from chewys but now I get it from Trent. I was feeding the grain free but the last 1 I have been giving them the proformance formula that has one grain ingredient and that's rice.
Eric, what do your Labs weigh?

Is Trent a store or an online dealer?
Just an update on this if anyone is interested, my dogs have been doing great on 2 cups a day of Nutra Source. Weight has been maintained (one dog is 80 , the other is about 90). I have been giving them a little pumpkin and some plain yogurt mixed in and they love it.
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