Not how I wanted to fill my tag

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by duck rookie, Dec 29, 2015.

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    My daughter and I were walking in for an evening hunt when we found a button buck with his back leg caught in a fence so I put him down and put a tag on him. I had to cut his leg off to get him out. I've found leg bones and carcasses caught in a fence before but never a live deer. It looked like he had been there since sometime today and the meat looked fine.

    I will say the .44 mag puts a big hole in a deer.

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  2. EaglePoint

    EaglePoint 1 more pass? No Way!

    No shame in that game.

  3. bakes

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    Found one when I was a kid. I went back and cut her out. She lost the lower portion of that leg.

    For many years I saw her and the loss of that leg didn't seem to really slow her down.
  4. duck rookie

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    I gave that brief thought but I didn't have any access to wire cutters.

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    I had a small buck come by my stand last January. He had a badly injured right front leg (looked like an auto impact) and could get along, but very slowly and he didn't look strong. I still had my buck tag, had a clear shot and drew back, but I never did shoot him. I didn't see him the rest of the year and felt bad for not taking him. Fast forward to this fall; he shows up in velvet as a decent 6 pointer. His leg is not working at all/he doesn't put any weight on it and it's less than half the size of his other front leg. He was still moving slow, but it was incredible that he survived, especially with the harsh winter. That said, I haven't seen him since before the bow opener, so I think someone filled their tag early this year. If he was stuck like yours was last year, I hope I would've done the right thing, too.