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North Dakota

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If anyone wants to do a last minute DIY trip to south central North Dakota beginning Nov 6, pm me. A guy I know had a group back out and has a real nice place to rent for a max of 7 guys. The place is located 30mi NE from
one of those well publicized duck hunting areas, but not near the pressure.

And before anyone says it, I am not doing this for personal gain. Just trying to help someone out

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EL NINO.....sunbathing on the PPR or ice skating.....
Yup you never really know.
I'll be there the week before you mikeiss. Is it too soon to start watching the forecast!?!?
I will be there the week before also, corn is starting to come down, won't be like last year where all the corn was still up!
I try not to watch the weather but admit i still will the week before I leave.
I go out every year and the weather is extremely unpredictable, especially in November....but the hunting is usually excellent. I will be out there Oct 10-16 and Oct 31-Nov 6 and am hoping for good weather and lots of birds!
Due to this years extreme El Nino, I decided to roll the dice and start November 6.

I will either look like a genius or a total bonehead to my group.
Report I got yesterday, they are moving down already for some reason. My buddies got out there Saturday and all shot limits of Greenheads. They said there are more ducks down now than they have ever seen out there. Who knows, hope they are still sunbathing on the sloughs when I get there this weekend. Leaving Friday for 2 weeks.
migrator mallats? Isn't it still in the 50's in Sask/Manitoba?
Well leave a few out there I am not headed out for a month

Are you guys out there with some guys from Iowa too?
East or West of?
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