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    At our gun club yesterday, we held our annual "Pheasant Phinale". Just a last chance to get the dogs out on some birds. It was $40.00 bucks a guy for three roosters, and a pot luck. Minga did we have the food! We also had several kids join us with their dads and grandpas. Guys had exclusive time in one of three fields with just their group, with how ever many birds they got. Lots of fun and fellowship with our dog guys and upland enthusiasts. Major BS session as the groups waited their turns to go out. Luckily, we hit a home run weather-wise, as it was almost balmy by noon in Medina yesterday. Went out today to clean up, and my son took his golden Molly out. She produced 5 birds for him, and he shot his 2 roosters. We had some clam chowder and pulled pork sandwiches for lunch, then headed for home.