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Discussion in 'Ohio Gobbler Hunting' started by girdybird, Mar 3, 2005.

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    Recently I read where the state in cooperation with the NWTF has purchased additional land for hunting near Cooper Hollow Wildlife area and some land in Vinton County. Does anyone know anything about this new acquisition? Also, has anyone had any success at Cooper Hollow or other state owned land in that general area? I have only been grouse hunting there and have not seen any turkeys when I have been there.
  2. shotgun

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    i live about 30 min south of there. cooper holler is loaded with turkeys but ive heard it gets hit hard also, try to avoid the weekends if you go, ive never turkey hunted there but squirrel hunt everyonce in a while. I see turkeys almost everytime i go.

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    <P>Check the DNR page for hunting land the new lands I know of are lands of sawmill forests that they opened for public hunting.&nbsp; They are little pieces spread all over Vinton co.&nbsp; They probably won't be hit by the masses, but locals and hunt camps may know about them.&nbsp; There is some good mead ground, but don't know of turkey's densities or recent hunter densities.</P>