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<P>I was was working my lab wen. evening&nbsp; in the CPR feild.</P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">I had planted bumpers for him to find.</P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">&nbsp;</P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">We were not even close when he went birdy .</P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">I saw a hen and at least 1 poult.</P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">Not wanting to chance him fetching a poult , I ordered him to stay and I fetched the bumpers.</P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">&nbsp;</P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">Johnch</P>
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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