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New personal best flathead

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Figured id share a pic of my new personal best flathead since the site died a little from Johnny not wanting to play any more.
He bit at 8:00 and i had him on the bank at 8:10 a very fun and stressfull battle. he had me wrapped up in some submerge timber twice. was able to play him out of the first one, and had to wade out to get him out of the second.
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Nice, what do you use for bait?

(Not bad for a Gameplayer)
caught him on a big green sunfish.
What do you do with it? Been wanting to fish for them for 30yrs....
take a picture and let him go. no point in killing a fish that big and that old. The population of these fish are very low compared to all other fish around here. If i want to eat fish i eat saugeye and walleye.
Very nice!
I caught one 32 lbs a few years back, so I can imagine what yurs weighs...
Great catch!!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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