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I just wanted to announce a good friend, John Beebe, here in NW OHIO, has been added to the Foiles Pro -Staff. He is one waterfowl hunter that certaintly earned this. I have never met a harder working waterfowl fanatic and a great shot.

Learned alot from John this past season. Such as he likes to call them close before shooting. First time I hunted with him, he waited to call the shot until they were 25 feet out with feet touching.

Then he apoligized after hearing me cussing. Thought he made me mad after the birds fell. I was cussing cause he was dropping every goose I was swinging on until the last one. We laughed about that. He assummed I was upset over something. It was just funny every time I went to pull the trigger the goose was falling.

John's a great friend and will be a great Pro-Staffer for Foiles.

Congratulations John. You are well deserving of this!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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