My Trip to The Delta Marsh in Manitoba

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  1. I had the opportunity last week to travel up to the South end of Lake Manitoba to the Delta Marsh. For those of you who don't know, this was essentially the birthplace of waterfowl conservation. The old York Lodge up there is still owned by the Bell family. James Ford Bell founded General Mills and is the founding father of Delta Waterfowl Foundation. We also visited the Delta Waterfowl Research Station in Minnedosa, MB and got to see students working on graduate waterfowl research. We had the chance to get hands on with a mallard and canvasback nest. The canvasback nest had redhead eggs in it. Redheads are parasitic nesters and will lay their eggs in Canvasback nests. It's not uncommon to find redhead young in a brood of Cans. Anyhow, enough rambling. It was a great trip and I figured I'd share some of the pictures.:duckduck:

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  2. More Pics

    more pics from the Canada trip.

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    Very cool. Thanks for sharing.
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    I love delta waterfowl's approach to conservation. Control predators through trapping before and during nesting season, install tons of hen house throughout the duck factory (PPR & Boreal) Now Delta is taking that approach into the Great Lakes region. The ALUS is another cool Delta original.