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My 2015 buck

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Made the trek down to southern ohio. I hung a new stand this year in an old location that I always used my climber. The way the terrain is there are only two spots where deer can easily cross this creek and the mouth of the hollar dumps out right where my stand is at. And it's right on the edge of my designated sanctuary in the middle of the property. East wind is perfect so I got in and settled into the stand. Not 10 min went by a doe ran full steam in front of me 20 yards. Nothing behind her. Hour later had a small spike come in. Hour after him a small basket 6 came in. It's now 10:30 and I haven't seen a deer in over 2 hours. I was just getting ready to tie off my rope to lower my bow when I heard a deer snort in front of me. I'm like great, it saw me or smelled me. I sat tight and about a minute went by I heard crashing up on the hill. I looked and I could see a rack. He got in the open and I could see a fairly nice rack. This was no basket rack buck. I let out a couple series of grunts and unbelievably he came in on a string. Came down the saddle, crossed the creek right where they should, got a drink and presented me with an easy 25 yard broad side shot. I had this deer on camera all summer and had him on Halloween at 58 yards. He will look good in my office. I taped him real quick today on my lunch after picking him up from the meat shop and I got 145.25". I was in a hurry to get back to work so I might have missed an 1/8" here or there, but he's a solid 140" deer.

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Nice story, good job.
Kudos....nice deer
Very nice!
Nice deer !

The state needs to let the youth hunt the entire month of November with a gun:D
Very nice, congarts.
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