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Mosquito Report

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I saw 18 deer but no shots with 15 of those being in two different herds. The area was thick and EVERYONE (except us) sat 20 yards inside the woods and never moved deep. That means they locked down. The woods were THICK so seeing them was tough.

Misc report:

Idiot Report:
One guy was clearly walking around with the hammer cocked. As my buddy walked up to him along the road he moved his gun from his shoulder to point it toward the ground and then BOOM. The shot went into the ground 6" from his foot. It looked like the trigger caught on his clothes. We were very glad he at least practiced some gun safety by not pointing at my buddy or himself.

Lazy Report:
Two guys got zone C, which in my opinion is the best, but their parking lot was about 200 yards from the woods. He complained during lunch that it was soooo far he and his partner only sat at the edge of the woods. Of course they didn't see anything. They left after lunch.

Know-it-all report:
The same guy who almost ventilated his foot argued with me that the woods we were hunting was flooded and he knew this because he trapped it last year. He was adamant that there was a beaver dam that flooded the woods. I had already walked deep into the woods AND my daughter and I hunted it in October.

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Glad your buddy is okay.
Me too. It was unreal. He called me right after the shot and his voice was shaking so bad I thought he had killed a monster.

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My son had a youth hunt in November. We had c. I'd take that zone again in a heartbeat. Terrible deer hunting weather and we still saw deer and got him a shot. Socks that that zone went to waste due to laziness. Glad your buddy is OK. I probably would have broken my stock on that morons melon.
You should see the buck they found from zone C, he was easily over 140". Unrecovered from a bad shot.
Darn! Definitely not the buck my kid shot at! Some kid shot one in the 130s the day I was there. First buck. A girl shot a big one too. First deer and it was a real nice buck. Odds are he'll get drawn again out there with the amount of names they pull. I'd like to get an adult hunt too. We have plenty of private land to hunt, but some of the state hunts are pretty cool
My daughters average an every other draw for Mosquito. It's a 5 hour drive from home for me and I would make it every year if I could.

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