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Mercer Report

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Three people showed for the hunts today and there were no standbys so only three blinds went to use. We were drawn first and decided on #2 and the other two went to #6 & #7 because several geese were killed there over the weekend. The manager said that on one of the blinds you had to stand in the corn and be away from the blind so that made it a no go for me. The temp was about 4F and the winds gusting to give you -15F windchill :eek:. I wasn't about to be in that. I had brought a tent heater to at least take the bite out and it worked very well.

The geese flew starting at about 10:00 and continued into the afternoon but none even came close to leaving the refuge. The skies were clear which meant once they got high enough to see our spread they were high enough to see the hundreds of live geese in the refuge so it was game over.

I don't know how the others did but we never shouldered our guns.

The trip back to Dayton revealed the Great Miami iced and zero ducks or geese anywhere.

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