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Mercer - Opening Day 10/24

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Is it worth trying to draw in there with no reservation? I'm new to the area so I'm thinking about trying it. Wasn't sure if 800 people will show up to try and draw too.
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idk man, never hunted the marsh but from what it sounds like there has been a lot of open seats at some of the other marshes last weekend. Might be worth a shot or there could be 800 people, you just never know.
If you do draw there,remember,this weekend is youth/adult which has preference.I know of 2 of the 6 groups that will be there for sure.Don't know who the other 4 groups are
I would guess no. The last few times I've been there during the season there are plenty of locals who show up for openings and if they don't get drawn the they scoot to their normal spots. This is one of the reasons I don't go up for open slots during the season.

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Thanks for the info! Any word on how it went last weekend?
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