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Magee Saturday

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What a bust that was Saturday morning. We had a great wind, hunted 17, and should have stayed home! By far the least amount of birds I've ever seen there while hunting. The birds we did see wanted absolutely nothing to do with calling, decoys, or the marsh in general. Probably only heard 5-8 shots all morning. Little bit of shooting around 1130 when we were loading up the boat. Has anyone done any good at magee in the second half? We need some fresh birds
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What time was check in?
515 was the draw. They only hunted 15 zones with the youth gun opener. Only 14 showed up for the draw
Had #10 on Saturday. Least amount of ducks I've ever seen. Never picked up the gun.
3 bird days for 3 guys is now a great day of hunting.
Welcome to waterfowl hunting in NW Ohio after nearly 2 decades of liberal seasons and limits.
I've tried telling myself it has to get better for 10 years now. It has only gotten worse.
Even when I think it cant get worse....it does.
This is the world we have created and the world we must now live in.
And people wonder why I am seriously contemplating selling all my gear.....
Magee almost always sucks. If your not going for the experience, then don't go. Or if your hoping that it will be your one big hunt this fall, stay home in bed. There are birds around to kill, you just got to go to the right places. Sunday there was a big influx of divers in the area, so there is always that. Just like last weekend, Saturday we didn't even fire a shot, and we were in one of the premo spots in the area. Sunday we move about a mile from where we were Sat, and we shot limits. It was all public hunting. Looking forward to a productive 5 or 6 days coming up. Good luck to all.
We had 16. Miserable. We had 1 bird to shoot at. Ottawa was pretty much the same Monday. I'll never go back for another draw or lottery hunt.
Was at Ottawa on Monday, Got 3 geese and a mallard. Should have had 2 more geese. Pothole was frozen, we had to break ice to set the dekes. Think we would have shot a lot more ducks if he could have had some more open water. Still a great day, and saw lots of birds, especially pintails.
Hit Magee again this morning.....lots of ducks in the sky but few wanted to work out specific area. Plenty of shooting going on.
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