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Magee East

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Gonna need a camper spot for 4-5 months for work, thought bout staying here. Anyone have any advise good/bad about this place.
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You serious, you're getting posted near the lake. Cool for you. Why don't you just stay at the condo. I've heard good things about there, nothing fancy. Depends if you want right next to the lake or not. There are a few others. I'll call.
condo is for vacationing and not gonna stay there so others can use it. Bought the camper for work and better to take it than to leave it at house. Went and looked at the spot, gravel lot with full hook ups 50amp. Not the best I've ever had but didn't look to bad. Thought I'd get a little input on here before i committed. Workin outside of Toledo, don't mind the 1/2hr drive and don't have to b directly on lake. Plan on takin boat and would like access to lake via campground
believe diverdownwest knows the owner ...not a bad spot imo....
good place, good people, ramp right there bait and tackle and a bar in the store no need to leave and not a bad price.
Really nice owner. I kept my boat there for a month last spring.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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