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Magee Drawing Question

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I am working night shift Friday night in to Saturday morning. I plan on leaving work early to hunt Magee. I was wondering if each individual in the group had to be present at the drawing or if one or two guys could register the whole group as long as he had all there info (name, address, customer ID, etc)? I called Patrick at Magee a couple times, he hasn't returned my call yet. Thanks in advance! :duckduck:
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No, you have to be there to show your liscense and ID.
no they don't require you to show anything has of last year and has long as 2 show up a third can by added started that 3 years ago. reason for differance in linc. and id they said they are not wardens and they can't ask to see them. the only time it is needed is at the teal draw
You do not need to be there for the draw but you must hunt as the group registered. Also the group can only enter and leave the marsh once. Therefore, if your group leaves before you arrive you can't hunt.
ok I thought they might bump it back a hr since time change since shooting time is 630ish
Ottawa County sunrise for 11-14-2015 is 7:19. Half hour before should make it 6:49
you no longer have to show your license, but everybody has to put their customer ID number on the tally card, good luck you should have a great day
Thanks everyone! Marshratt was dead on. Patrick from Magee returned my call today and basically said what marsratt did. One person can register the whole group as long as he has everyone's information. But you have to hunt as the card states and you can not enter/exit the marsh more then once.
How did Magee work out for you? Or anyone else? Things didn't come together for me so I didn't make it there.
51 groups there on Saturday. They were lined like ice fishing season...
We went but didn't make the draw.
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