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Looking for Hunting Group/Partners

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I live in the Pataskala, OH area and I am looking for some people to hunt with. I moved here from eastern Ohio and finding places to hunt has proven to be very difficult. I have a layout blind for field hunting, and waders for hunting on the water.

I enjoy hunting and have Duck and Goose hunted for 15 years, I just have no where to go now after moving. I am going to attempt to get permission at a few farms this week, so far I have been unsuccessful. Please let me know if you would be interested in meeting up for a hunt or meeting in person before deciding if you want to hunt with me (no issues with that from me, I understand).

Thanks for reading,
"Take 'em"
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Update: found a private place a few days ago, killed my first green head of the year this morning. Spot is ok but not the best.
Keep scouting and asking for permission, not to many guys gonna divuldge there spots. Windshield time is the best way to get access and find the birds. Good luck.
You wouldn't happen to drive a gray dodge Dakota would you?
You wouldn't happen to drive a gray dodge Dakota would you?
Why do you ask about that truck?

Found another spot (private), went there this morning for the first time and saw about 75 mallards. Spot appears to be pretty good.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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