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Looking for black lab pup

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Looking for a black lab pup. Looking for good family dog. This is for my sister.


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There are lots of good litters out there right now (and usually are depending on how far you're willing to look. If you want to stay in Ohio, the first that comes to mind is Trinity Labs. http://www.trinitylabs.net/ Regardless of where you look, make absolutely sure that the sire and dam have, at a mininmum, the following health certification: OFA certified hips and elbows, eye certifications, CNM (centronuclear myopathy) and EIC (exercise induced collapse). If they don't, don't consider the litter. I recently helped a fellow find a very nice chocolate litter. He wanted a male and was considering an Ohio litter that only had minimal health certs and nothing really in the background. For the same price ($1200), I found him a litter in Iowa with an excellent pedigree and complete heath certs.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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