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Took our annual last day hunt today with my 2 hunting partners. I have hunted with the one for 40 years and the younger one about 20 years. Nice 60 degree day for a couple 60 year olds. Our younger partner had to put his dog down at the beginning of the season, his first time. So before the hunt he spread some of the ashes in front of the blind with a breeze that took them across the field. This is about the 4th good dog that shares that field now. We got the decoys set, settled into the blind, and waited about 20 minutes. 1st pair came in and stayed. 10 minutes later about 40 came in and much to our surprise 7 stayed. Done by 8:30 am. Lots of smiles and fist bumps and a Happy Retriever wagging his tail somewhere. 3 man limit of Grass Grinders was great. But it is all about the MEMORIES.
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Awesome!!!!! Great story and much truth.
Good to see guys still getting out, the season has been a marathon and also a good one.
Nice job!!! Glad you guys could end on a good note. That field and blind definitely have some great memories! Cheers!
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