Lake erie hunting?

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    I have never got a straight answer on this. How far do you need be off shore to hunt lake erie? I talking cleveland to Fairport is there I designated distance you need to be setup off shore to legally hunt?
  2. MikeBeatty

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    That answer is going to depend on exactly where you are hunting. Each city has different hunting and firearm discharge laws, and each city has different boundaries as they extend into Lake Erie. Some cities call the shoreline the city limit, some extend it out into the lake a certain distance.

    Here is a web site that shows you city limit boundaries, put as much faith into its accuracy as you want. If you planned on hunting inside that boundary, read up on what the laws for that city are regarding hunting and firearm discharge.

    You would be best off to contact the city you wish to hunt from and ask them directly.

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    Th thanks for the response I will look into that
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    Not sure what town your looking up, but I looked up Port Clinton and it is not even close to being correct. So, you should go to the city engineers office of the city your interested in and ask them. They will have maps of what they have. Then, I took it one step farther and talked to the city prosecutor. He or she will be the one to tell you what they will prosecute.
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    I'll go one step further. A few short years ago law enforcement in PC didn't know the regs or city limits either. I agree. Call the prosecutor.