Lake Erie and Sandusky Bay

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  1. luckyduck

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    I have a few questions about hunting the lake and bay area. I'm fairly new to big water hunting. I'm also not looking for your hunting spots just more general questions. PM is probably best.

    1. First split - what to expect in numbers, do i even bother hunting first split?
    2. Second split - well i have an idea on this.
    3. Number of decoys and mix of decoys (meaning how many of each kind)
    4. Best wind to hunt

    I could go on and on and as you can see fairly new to big water but I'm hoping with some guidance to the above questions I can cut that learning curve by a few hunts ha!

    Thanks guys, please PM responses if you wish.
  2. Doug4320

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    1st split resident birds. 2-4 dozen dekes. 2nd split big spread, bring your A game. Pickerel Creek and Willow point are good places to start.

  3. luckyduck

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    Thanks Doug appreciate the help
  4. Dan_O

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    Don't expect to take a large crew and get everyone limits. Most guys that do fairly well, hunt 2 guys to a group. Be watchful and take advantage of every opportunity you get. You won't have many, but if you can score 90% or better, you'll bring some birds home. There are certain spots that are better than others, it can make the difference between getting near a limit and get nothing. So be prepared to get there early, and I mean early. 2amish. Put your time in and you'll figure it out. If your one of those guys that says: It's too, cold, rainy, snowy, windy, early, or whatever to go. Don't waste your time. Good luck
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    dont forget to leave dock at 11 pm and sleep in boat to get the first wave of mergs.