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Lab with partial CCL tear

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My 4 yr old lab has been diagnosed with a partial CCL tear. For right now Vet is asking for 4 weeks of rest and reassess. I'm looking for recommendations on Vet to offer 2nd opinion on condition and treatment. Also looking for advice from those that have previously gone through this with their family or hunting dog? Thank you for the advice. MT
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Location? I have a friend who just had surgery for a torn ACL on his English pointer last week.
My dog(chocolate lab) tore his ACL when he was 4 also. I had the surgery done by Douds Veterinary Clinic in Oberlin. Everything went text book. He is going strong as ever 4 years later. Good luck!
Where did you receive your first opinion from?
Mine had 2 partials and was told to rest him. Opted not to have surgery because the vet said we wouldn't see any improvement right now and to have it when he starts to decline. 2 years later and he runs like any other dog.
Diagnosed at Avon Lake Animal Clinic
Will could you describe rest (restriction, duration, etc) that helped your dog recover. Thx
Will could you describe rest (restriction, duration, etc) that helped your dog recover. Thx
Gotta keep them from jumping as much as possible. Hand loading and unloading in and out of vehicles. Leash walking, avoid running.
our yellow tore both of his acl's when he was 4, we had the operations and he lived a full life until he was 14, other than walking a little pidgin toed, it never slowed him down we had his surgery done at the chardon animal clinic
DR. Steve Schrader from the Cincinnati Care Center he is top notch. He put my boy back together last year after a severe tear. He is back to 100% and ran several hunt tests this year after a lengthy recovery.
Mine was diagnosed at Avon lake too. I ended up getting 2 more opinions. As far as the rest- he could do nothing for about 4 months. No playing with the other dogs- leash walked only. Did a lot of swimming as well. It's not easy to keep them from running but it definitely paid off. I also give him some supplements now that have seemed to help.
Any particular supplements to recommend. Right now he is taking a Fish Oil supplement (vet prescribed) and a Glucosimine/Chond supplement for dogs with joint problems.

Also there are some braces out there that limit the lateral movement of the knee Anyone have experiences or recommendations?

I appreciate all the info and advice. Thank you.
Well, we have nursed this injury for almost a year today the he came up lame and won't put much if any weight on the leg. I'm assuming it finally tore. Looking for advice on which procedure to have done and where. Procedures I've read about are TLPO, TTA, Ruby joint stabilization and Simitris Stability procedure. The last two mentioned appear to be recently developed procedures. Thank you for any advice. MT
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