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Discussion in 'Sporting Dog Training' started by sirhuntalot, Jul 26, 2005.

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    <P>My 4 yr old lab has suddenly become spooked by gunfire.&nbsp; We started working this weekend on the water after my families vacation, and he bolts at the sound of my starters pistol.&nbsp; This has never happened before, and I've hunt with him for the last 3 yrs.&nbsp; While on vacation my dad watched my dog and come to find out his neighbor put on their own fireworks display.&nbsp; I'm thinking maybe this caused this, but I'm not sure.&nbsp; Can anyone give me any advice to helping him get over this?&nbsp; Thanks,&nbsp; Tom</P>
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    <P>Sometimes a dog that is well conditioned to being under the gun during a hunting or training experience will be put into a situation that will cause lack of confidence and fear.&nbsp; Take him out and do a lot of retrieving without the gun.&nbsp; When he is very excited and is enjoying the experience, reintroduce the gun.&nbsp; I am going through the same thing with a dog that has been fine until being put into a scenario with multiple gun shots.&nbsp; I get a couple calls a year from guides wanting to know what happened to their young dog one morning when he/she appeared afraid of the gunfire.&nbsp; Usually I find out through questioning them that they had one or two hunters in the blind earlier in the season, but this particular morning put 4 or 5.&nbsp; The shooting gets good and they find it hard to turn down the clientle (money).&nbsp; There is a big difference between one or two hunters emptying out on a flock of birds and five or six doing the same.&nbsp;It pounds that young dog into the ground. &nbsp;A more seasoned retriever will respond more positively to this.&nbsp; Your four year old&nbsp; I am sure was devestated by the different pitiches of sound in a different environment.&nbsp;Nothing common to him about this situation.&nbsp; &nbsp;Go back to kindergarden for a few days.&nbsp; He should do fine.&nbsp;&nbsp; Jim</P>

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    <P>I once had my sailboat hit by lighting (with thunder)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; the lighting hit the mast and traveled down and out the Lead keel knocking out all the electronics on the boat, so it is hard telling what went on inside the boat at the time...That dog was Very scared of thunder and gunshots from that time on........</P>