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killbuck youth deer?

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anyone ever hunt the drawing hunt in refuge? see alot? any info would be cool
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It will depend on the zone. My daughter and I hunted zone A two years ago and the entire zone was fencelines, bean fields, and marsh. To top it off the farmer decided to drive the fields in his truck (think jacklighting) and then combine them which put the deer on lockdown. We saw a group of four in the bean field before they started combining. She ended up killing a young doe as we walked out. Tons of sign but it was also very hot as this was the early muzzy season.

Fallingfowl hunted a different zone last year and if I remember correctly he saw a bunch of deer.

d r
we have zone B on dec 5th so it will be colder. thank you
B is a much better zone, it has woods so you'll be better off. 12/2 should be good too since the deer should be pushed off of the private property. Good Luck!

d r
Id have to dig out the map to see what zone we had but hunted it in Jan of last year, poured rain from sunrise to sunset but we still saw close to 50 deer. Passed up a lot of small bucks and ended up shooting a doe with five minutes left in the hunt, lots of trails n sign. plenty of deer there,
thanks for all the imput guys
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