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Jackson County stud

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A friend of mine got this bad boy Friday.
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The snap of a twig, a rustle in the leaves, then........................

Dandy buck!!!!!!
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that bad boy has some serious character....great deer
He get that one in your back yard lone wader?
No, but there's a stud roaming. If you're not down right now, you should be.
Very nice and very nice picture. he's not standing back as far as he can trying to make it look bigger. Well done!!!
When they're this big, I don't think you have to. Hahaba
been hiiting it pretty hard but nothing over 140 ish seen so far,
Do some exploring up around the property line close to the power lines. Last time I was up there, there was some good sign. I have seen a big one from my house a couple times this year and if I saw him from my house, that has to be the area he is hanging around. I don't have time to mess with it this year, and I've got a few thousand acres elsewhere to hunt. I hope you get on him.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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