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ISO chocolate female lab starter/finished

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Want to have her before this next season. Mostly finished because I want her to do multiple marks. Please help. Or anyone that can turn me into the right direction
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The color isn't a big deal. Just a great duck dog
You want a started finished dog? What's that?
Starter/ finished. Either or. Yes there different but either or is fine with me.
I can explain more but I think you know. Sorry for the confusion if there really was any.
Got ya. Keep an eye in the retriever pages on Facebook. I've seen some recently by "working for wings" and others. A dog that has OB, FF will go ballpark $2,500 and more for advanced.
I have 3 possibly 4 started dogs if you are still looking, no choc. Black or yellow and male and female. Also have a yellow pup that just became available that will be 8 weeks old and ready to transfer to new home next week.
If your still looking and want more info. email me at [email protected].
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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