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I've been playing around with this idea for awhile now.

Think of a golf course. Or, think of a 3D archery or sporting clays course. OK, now let's apply that principle to retriever training, or to a retriever "game". Maybe a "league".

Space intensive; very. But think about it. A course with X number of "stations" would be laid out with both land and water "tests"/setups, whatever you want to call them. Remote wingers are used. Groups of individuals (2-4?) with their dogs walk from station to station like a golf/archery/sporting clay course. Holding blinds are used so only the working dog sees the marks. Maybe station #1 is a double land mark with or without a blind. Maybe station #2 is water, with a walkup and a blind with a poison single mark. Or whatever. When your group is done with a particular station, you reload the launchers for the next group. Scoring (if any) is done by the honor system.

Maybe each station has three possible setups; one for started/junior, one for seasoned/senior, and one for finished/master. Maybe groups would be homogeneous, i.e. all beginning dogs in this group, all advanced dogs in that group, etc.

Next week, the course is changed around, and so on. What do you all think?

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