I need recipes for snow geese

Discussion in 'Outdoor Recipes' started by knightstorm07, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. knightstorm07

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    Got about 12 snow geese from a missouri and looking for good ways to cook them
  2. nelliboy2

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    Might be a little late but here's what worked really well for me.

    Trim the silver off of the breast (tends to be stronger flavored). Then pick up a bottle of dales steak seasoning at Kroger you will want the low sodium version. Let it go for a day.

    Pull it out and wrap with a peace of bacon on each breast. Hold it in place with a tooth pick.

    Now the fun part. I usually will through the breast in the smoker for 2 hours to get a smoky flavor. I then pull them out and place them on the grill. I rotate them every few minutes coating them with BBQ as I go. Pull them off when the bacon is done.

    They are very good also if you just cut out the smoking step as well. This is actually my favorite waterfowl recipe. I actually really enjoy eating snows. I'd take them over most waterfowl. Hope this helps