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Hillary endorsed by NALC!

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“However, the National Executive Board of the APWU believes Hillary Clinton is the best choice for postal workers in the 2016 race for president!
And you wonder why it takes 19 days to mail something from Ohio to Indiana.


Shaniqua will probably file a grievance, get her job back, then sue for harassment. :spot:
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This is nothing new. Their office is right down the hall from mine. Dems forever, trust me. MJ
Key word "union"... if course they're voting Democrat. One of the many things I hated about being in the ocsea when I worked for the state, was all the political crap come election time. Whoever the Democrat was on the ticket, was who the "union" told me I needed to vote for.
======= A Collective Society mindset!!

How long will the social experiments have to fail to prove this concept is unsustainable.
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