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Hevi metal

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I've never used it but have heard good things. Rogers is running a sale and you can get a case of 3" shells with free shipping for $160 after the rebate. I thought about or ordering a case to try out. What shot size have you guys had success with for ducks and geese?
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Deuces or BBs
Yeah I was leaning towards a case of 2's and if I like them get a couple different shot sizes to play with in the future. Thanks for the input
Yep 2's for the 20-40 yd work. Most of my shooting is in the 30-45 yd range with LM in an overbore Browning bbl. very satisfied!
Good Stuff

I've shot mostly Hevi-Metal for the last 2 seasons. I have no complaint with it. Its good stuff. Pull the trigger... so to speak.
Would not cycle well for me. Stopped using it went back to Winchester xpert and Kent
It's good stuff..2's for ducks and BB's for geese. Patterned well out of the stock tubes in my X2 and 870.
3" number 3's and 2's pattern great out of stock remchoke modified.
Another vote for 3"- #3's. That shell out of my Browning Cynergy = dead ducks and geese! That was my go to combo all last season. My Super Vinci loved those loads too but the O/U is a "blast" to shoot! Never once did I wish I had the 3rd shot either with the Cynergy.
I shoot bb out of a browning gold ten gauge with a pattern master and love it! Really tight pattern. You either miss or its stone dead.
Cabelas currently has the best price I'm seeing anywhere at $198 for 3.5" after rebate
Cabelas currently has the best price I'm seeing anywhere at $198 for 3.5" after rebate

209 from Rogers with free shipping and no tax.
Haven't done the math myself yet but heard Pressleys has the best price.
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