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Help with boat heater please.

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I bought 2 of the flower MR. Heaters for use in my boat. They are the kind that hook up to a small propane cylinder. I want to hook them up to a 20 lb tank. I will be running a line from the tank to near the location of the 2 heaters. I will then split them so the heaters are about 5' apart. Each heater has a gas control on it where it would hook up to a small propane cylinder. My question is about the set up of the lines and where or if I need a regulator in the system.

Is the valves/regulator on the heaters good enough, or do I need to put one at the big tank with a regulator. The lines going to the heaters will have ends that will be the same as the small cylinders, so I can just screw them in.

Thanks for any help you can give.
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No regulator need just go to Walmart and get a y and two hoses
C'mon Dano, if you can make cold water retrieves, you don't need a heater in your rig! :)

Scratch that, you prolly need to warm up after you come up the ramp and shake off. MJ
BULLCHIT, Live there, hunt there 40 years, work on lakeshore there everyday. No valve/regulator there. But have used them! But everybody come opening day greatest heating method mark ever used with Billy Sammy and the rest of the never was frozen duckhunters!
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