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He popped his little cherry!

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My son and I attended the NWTF Northcoast Limbhangers banquet last night. Mom was on an overnighter helping her sister get ready for our nieces wedding shower today, so we ventured over for a boys night out. I bought multiple raffle tickets for him, and watched as he struggled trying to decide just what he hoped to win. Almost last raffle of the night, his number gets pulled for one of the last remaining firearms. Nothing great, but he sure was excited!!!! They did the FFL back ground check right there, and I watched as he dutifully produced his license and filled out the paperwork to register his first firearm. Took just several minutes, and I was really happy for him as he walked out of the hall with what I hope is his first of many such nice winnings over the course of his life as a sportsman and conservation supporter. Saw several of the OW outlaws at this nicely attended banquet.
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Which firearm did he win?
Good for him!!!!!! :shootingguns:
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