Has anybody tried Hevishot through their 870 or 835?

Discussion in 'Ohio Gobbler Hunting' started by Bshive, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. Bshive

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    I tried Hevishot #4's 3" last year through my Rem 870 12 gauge and dropped a turkey at 45 yards.&nbsp; After carrying the bird about 100 yards towards the truck, he started flopping.&nbsp; So, I dropped him and he took off running like nothing ever happened!!&nbsp; I finally caught up to him in the woods, but I am thinking I need to bump up to #5's or #6's.<br> <br> I was wondering what has worked for everyone that has tried Hevishot in their Rem 870 or Mossberg 835.&nbsp; What size Hevishot? What choke was used? Which gun?&nbsp; <br> <br> Thought I would try this before spending my life savings on patterning my gun with Hevishot!<br> <br> Thanks<br>
  2. DLC

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    <P>I use the Hevi #6's through my 870 with Undertaker choke tube(can't remember the diameter right now). I have a great pattern out to 55 yrds. Just switched to this set-up last year but haven't got to try it on a bird yet. </P>

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    <P>We use&nbsp; Hevi Shot 5's, 3 and 3 1/2. Like it a lot last year. But next time I need shells going to try 6's in the 3 1/2's. We shot them through 870's. </P> <br> Remington extra full, superfull, and the ventilator chokes.&nbsp;<br>