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Discussion in 'Ohio Outdoor News' started by DiverDown, Aug 11, 2005.

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    <P>I was at a Conservation club meeting this evening and had a wild idea, the OWA needs funds to get start. well here's my idea: if everyone would go to one of the conservation clubs in their county and introduce the OWA to them and ask for a donation of 50 to 100 dollars to help offset the legal cost and to help get this club up and running, would be a great way the other organizations can help us out. I know that our club gives money to what I call useless causes so why not try, the club said they would give if I could tell them how many other clubs was helping out, they don't want to be the only one's doing it. What do ya say???? DD</P>
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    <P>Just a thought, the S.C.I. local&nbsp;I belong to considers these type of things if they promote hunting and especially if they encourage youth to hunt. Try your regions SCI to see if they would give you a grant. If you go to the Safari club international web site you can find out where and who your region club is. Good luck, Jim&nbsp;McNamara</P>

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    <P>Sounds like a pretty good idea. I'd suggest getting a request form made up that would give some detail as to what OWA is going to try to accomplish so it can be presented to various organizations for a donation consideration. I know our F&amp;G club receives a lot of requests and turns down most of them. They support USSA, Special Wish, &amp; Youth Trap Shooters as their main organizations they give support to with special events they hold at the club. </P>