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Anyone know of a good gunsmith in the ne ohio area. North Olmsted, Avon area
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Not aware of anyone around here. Everett Gunsmith in Fremont is where I take all my guns. Good results so far. There used to be a place around Grafton called Diagonal Road Gunsmith but I have no experience with that establishment.

Good luck on your search.

I'll have to ask my Father-in-law. He has a guy near Elyria that he's always used. I can't think of the guys name.

d r
Browning shotgun. Front bead broke off
STEAR CLEAR OF EVERETTS. He will rape you and piss on your remains. He charges an arm and a leg and his work is ok nothing special. There is another gunsmith in sandusky call gun works. I would go there before everetts.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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