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<font face="Times New Roman">Buy a Gunners Up remote winger during the month of May (or until supplies last) and receive one of the following (your choice) FREE:</font> <p ab=""><font face="Times New Roman">Camouflage Chair Umbrella in Mossy Oak Break Up <br ab="">Silencio Super Sound Baffler Earplugs <br ab="">Extra Large Miracle Towel</font></p> <p ab=""><font face="Times New Roman">The Gunners Up, as well as the free items above, can be seen on our web site: <br ab=""> <a target="_blank" href="http://www.oriondogsupply.com/">http://www.oriondogsupply.com/</a> <br ab="">We offer free shipping every day on the Gunners Up within the continental US. You must mention that you saw this offer on the OW web site and specify which free item you would like. Quantities are limited.</font></p> <p ab=""><font face="Times New Roman">Regards, <br ab="">Kevin Fitz-Gerald</font></p> <p ab=""><font face="Times New Roman">Orion Dog Supply <br ab="">19504 Schick Road <br ab="">Defiance, OH 43512</font></p> <p ab=""><font face="Times New Roman">Voice 419-658-8171 <br ab="">Fax 419-658-8731</font></p> <p ab=""><font face="Times New Roman"><a target="_blank" href="http://www.hrc-ukc.com/cgi-bin/anyboard.cgi/[email protected]">[email protected]</a> <br ab="">www.oriondogsupply.com</font></p> <p ab=""><font face="Times New Roman">Home of HRCH Grand Chien Full Metal Jacket WCX CGC ("Jack"), Ohio HRC High Point Dog 2002 &amp; 2003</font></p>
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