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<P><SPAN class=postbody>Hey guys i talked to my dad yesterday he told me that he was going to try to drum up some late season business. <BR><BR>Soooooooooo lake Erie perch trips for 6 people bait and ice included out of anchors away marina on Marblehead price is 360.00. <BR><BR>Just wanted to let you guys know if you want to get another trip out on Erie this year. <BR><BR>Visit <A href="http://www.lakeeriefishing911.com/" target=_blank target=_blank><FONT color=#006699>www.lakeeriefishing911.com</FONT></A> or call 1-419-734-9711 ask for Bob or Carole <BR><BR>Thanks......................Jim</SPAN><SPAN class=postbody> </SPAN></P>
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