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Great Morning Except.....

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Nice morning. Many Teal around. Picked up 3 nice Blue Wings.
However.........the damn shooting time was 7:01
Not 6:30, not 6:40, not 6:50, not 6:58.
The shooting started at 6:30. The game warden wrote 10 tickets this morning for early shooting at $160.00 a pop. :shootingguns:
The usual shooting of Woodies, Mallards. Watched one pair of hunters shoot at 6:45 at 50 geese right in their face and not a feather was dusted.
That in itself was worth the wakeup.
Know the rules, know the difference between a Wood Duck, a Mallard, and a Teal.
Public hinting at it's best.
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Duck dynasty. Those boys wont hunt wAterfowl much longer. Watch for their gear on craigslist.
Yep! Shooting occurred at 6:35 where I was. Had to yell the starting time across the marsh. Glad you had a nice outing! I had a fun hunt as well!
Ours started at 702, and continued until 9 had to hear 100+ shots. I myself took 1 bwt saw a few more total of maybe 10! The elusive wood wing teal numbers took a nice hit this morning!
Oh and 3 kids who set up 10 yards on the far side of our decoys and even said "hey there's a group hunting right there" ended up moving
They shot early at Mosquito one or two area's. Never fired the gun, only seen about 9 teal. And very few ducks!!!!
Hunted Magee blind 17 seen a decent amount of teal got one gwt should have killed more, shooting in a monsoon wasn't easy
we were right across from magee....agree with the monsoon statement...never knew doves flew so much in the rain
I couldn't believe how early they were shooting!?! its not like it was even close to time....I guess some people just cant play fair lol the rain was crazy....the teal kept flying thou we had 2 limits by 8:45


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Well perhaps next year the ODNR will save back $1.45 in change to actually 1)print the regs, available at merchants and 2)put the times on the regs. Just like all the other years.
I had no trouble finding the early season regs. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.
Publication 5298 was readily available and it states right at the top hours are sunrise to sunset. Pretty clear! As said above ignorance is no excuse.
Every Year

The same thing happens every year! Early Goose and Teal have always been Sunrise...NOT 1/2 hour before! It's your responsibility to know or find the rules and regs....your on the computer, so you can find them. Most people are carrying smart phones now...so you can look up the sunrise time...at least be close-to the printed times. It sure sucks when you take the time/effort to get to the spot you want, everything starts looking good, then some jackwacker shoots early and screws-up the whole marsh!
On an evening hunt a few years back, quitting time came, I packed up, slogged my way out, got back to my truck and the guys were still shooting...over 20 minutes past sunset...I left them a friendly reminder note about shooting times. This was on a public area, can't believe a Wildlife Officer wasn't around!
Yup, it sure is easier getting birds after (or before) legal shooting times! I don't think it is intentional...generally,....just ignorance!...still no excuss!
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I agree with the early shooting....however it is the stupidest rule I have ever heard of for waterfowl. I know they say it's to save woodies and mallards....but IMO the same guys that would shoot woodies or mallards 30 minutes before sunrise is the same group of guys that is shooting them at noon. I see guys doing it every year. I can easily identify a teal 30 minutes before sunrise and in most case would be packing up at sunrise if they were to change the role.....rant over.
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