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Graduation party ideas

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Graduation season is upon us. The wife and I are hosting a party for our son this coming weekend. We're going to do cavetelli with Mama Galluci's sauce, sausage and peppers along with homemade meatballs. A salad bar and a baked potato station with all the fixings. I'm going to deep fry turkey breasts, then roast boneless prime rib and do a carving station. I had some Florida corn this past weekend that was excellent, so going to do corn on the cob also. Assorted desserts and nibblers at the bar. Of course, full bar service. I got talked out of doing pulled pork. My son has several friends who will attend, so I think I will order a pan of fried chicken and a couple of sheet pizzas to be sure we have enough. Those with teen aged sons know they eat like their going to the electric chair! Up at our place in Port Clinton, my son and his buddy will eat a full blown steak dinner with all the sides, and an hour later they're in the fridge making sandwiches! :eek:
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Sounds good. Looks like you have all the bases covered.

Maybe add smoked wings ? Fried walleye / perch ?
WOW sounds awesome! Excellent ideas.

Take pics for MikeBeatty
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