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Game bird preserves near Wooster.

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I'm trying to locate a decent hunting preserve in or around the Wooster area that has pheasant hunting and if had other game birds and/or ducks and geese that would be great I used to belong to the Wooster duck and pheasant club years back but I understand that no longer exists because the state bought it. What is the state doing with the land now if anyone knows.
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would like to know about wooster duck club as well. didnt know they sold???
Rosebud We may be talking about 2v different clubs. The one I had joined was almost 40 years ago. I heard it had sold sometime back. I ran across a preserve named Wooster hunt club located around Funk Bottoms on the net but I can't seem to pull up there website. I keep getting error messages. Therefore I've got my doubts on that one too.
The old wooster duck and pheasant is now state property and public hunting is allowed. The other wooster hunt club was started by one of the guys that managed the old wooster duck and pheasant after the orignal was sold. There is a small pheasant operation over west of new pittsburgh but can't remember the name. There is also a small one west of millersburg off of 39If you want a full service quality operation the closest is probably Elkhorn Lake over by Bucyrus. I will post name of the smaller operations if I find them.
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I've hunted at Monigolds in the past. Decent terrain, friendly service http://www.monigolds.com/ .
I thought Louie Carter sold his property(Wooster Duck and Pheasant) and it became part of Funk Bottoms. I did shoot at Steve McMillen's place a couple years ago. Not even sure if he still has an operation going or not.
Steve's place was still operating last year.
Anyone ever check out this place? Elsaan Outfitting its on 36 by New Castle
An interesting marketing concept for 'Elsaan' as packages/prices are configured for groups or corporate events. Looks like a nice place. Ones group gets the facility for the day's shooting. 'If' one can get a group together should be a good time.
Then, after the hunt, you could run down the road and relax at the fox hole for a while
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