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Full British Pups-Planned Litter

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Old British bloodlines with the right temperament and desire to be pleasing in the field as well as in the house. Lucy has whelped two outstanding litters and has proven to produce excellent pups. Hank is a nice, young male working towards his MH this spring. These pups are bred by me and for me. I am a hunter first and foremost and I'm a stickler for working only worthy dogs. The dogs also live in my small duplex in the middle of the city. These pups will do whatever task assigned without disappointment. They are not big or flashy. They are get it done no matter the circumstances type of dogs and excel from Erie to the Ohio River (where the sire and dam do most of their hunting.) The big O can be challenging!
Extremely athletic, muscled, intelligent, good temperament, very biddable, with the desire to please. Barking is almost non existent when they are unsupervised. All health certs on Sire and Dam for serious inquiries. 30 month guarantee.
Planned litter due July 1. $750. Brian. 740-645-2377.

----------------------Garendon Mark of Pocklea
-----------------FTW Buccleuch Oak
----------------------Buccleuch Gem
----------Tibea Duckflight (see Duck Hills Kennels for more)
----------------------FTC Endacott Soames of Riversway
-----------------Campbenhill Avon of Tibea
----------------------FTC Whitmill Eclypse of Tibea
-----Duck Hill Hank the Tank JH (Sire-Black)
----------------------FTC Drakeshead Garth
-----------------Craighorn Peregrine
----------------------FTC Lockmuir Bonnie
----------Duck Hill Bonnie
----------------------FTC Eastdale Danny
-----------------Wicklewood Wren of Bracken
----------------------Brocklebank Opal of Tibea
----------------------FTC Carolhill Crusader of Brocklebank
-----------------FTC Millcottage Pathfinder
----------------------Pasturelands Amber of Millcottage
----------Gwendylen Kechaylo
----------------------FTC Auchendolly Beaver
----------------FTC Edwardiana Sian
----------------------Blonde Maiden
-----Wicklewoods Lucy of Alum Creek (Dam-Yellow)
----------------------FTC Baildonian Baron of Craighorn
----------------FTC Broadlaw Elder of Laggengill
----------------------FTC Kenue Cedar
-----------Drakeshead Rona
----------------------FTC Pointraire Cromwell
----------------Kenmilquin Tilly of Drakeshead
----------------------FTC Drakeshead Treacle


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I heartily endorse this litter. I am Hank's trainer and I helped to facilitate this breeding when Brian contacted me when he saw Hank on my website. Hank is a great dog and finished he Junior Hunter title easily. He was a quick study and started learning handling when he was here for his Novice training. I'm looking forward to finishing him. I met Lucy while she was here staying with us for a couple of days and she is a very nice, happy dog and extremely biddable. Even though she didn't know me, she was totally responsive to my obedience commands. I didn't have a chance to field work her, but she is Brian's personal hunting companion and certainly has a good pedigree behind her. (For those not familiar with British/Irish field titles, FTW is field trial winner, FTC is field trial champion. Dogs don't get those titles without being outstanding.) You can't go wrong with a pup from this litter. (And one heck of a good price). Don Smith
All dogs all the time!
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Born yesterday. Six big healthy pups. 3 yellow males. 2 black males and one black female. Two of the deposits are for two females and I'm keeping the female, so there will be a couple of stomp down good males available.
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