Full Body Dall Sheep Mount For Sale

Discussion in 'Taxidermy' started by Cannon37, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. Cannon37

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    Hey Guys

    I Know that this is not waterfowl related but Im looking to sell
    a Full Body Mount Dall Sheep that was shot in the Yukon.

    The hunt alone was over $30,000 and the mount was done by Advance Taxidermy in King City Ontario and costs $10,000. One of the most Premier taxidermist in the world. The sheep stands over 6ft tall. The picture does not do it justice at all.

    Its mounted on a hardwood base and fiberglass molded rock. The mount is 10 out of 10 condition and is a beautiful piece.

    Im asking $5500 for the mount

    Contact me at [email protected]

    Check out Advance Website to see their top notch work. They ship all over the world. http://www.advancedtaxidermy.com/index.php

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  2. rathut

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    Looks like he's getting butt raped. Good luck

  3. ducky152000

    ducky152000 Active Member

    what kind of hunter would want something in there house they didnt shoot? think your better of putting it on ebay. mybe a lodge or some type of country restraunt would want it for a display.
  4. Ragtime

    Ragtime Active Member

    Would you take $172 in nickels and three rims off a '92 Buick Skylark?

    Sorry, no warm 4 pack to throw in. Traded them in on a full Giraffe Mount we put in our bathroom. Holds the toilet paper. Helluva conversation piece.
  5. duxdown

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    That is why they call it a Mount :D
  6. theradish

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    I feel the same about another hunters trophy, but. I still can't stop wishing I had bought a stag mount from the taxidermist that I took my bass to in south Georgia. At the time, 25-30 years ago he wanted what he had in it, $500.00. He couldn't believe the owner wouldn't pick it up. He explained that the rack was a true trophy because of the perfect 4pt crowns on each side. If there was a bucket list hunt, it would be for a stag, maybe pigs out of a helicopter. Check out this guy's page. https://www.facebook.com/hardenstaxidermy/photos_stream
    I really like the gator's head coming out of the coffee table
  7. the_lone_wader

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    The kind that doesn't want it for a trophy, but for a decoration. I know that I will most likely never fork out the cash to hunt, kill, mount, and ship a bull moose myself. However, I wouldn't mind having a shoulder mount in the man cave.

    The difference is when guys but mounts and act as if they killed them.
  8. peanut

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    My buddies father in law travels the world hunting everything. He has dozens of full body mounts in his man cave. It looks like you are in a museum in his basement. But I agree, I would never pay for someone else's "trophy" . I have a couple skull caps and a northern pike head that I got from my grandma when she died. Deer and fish were killed/caught in the 50s. I feel like a tool for having them on the wall because they aren't my kills or catch. I can't imagine displaying a strangers stuff.
  9. jeff51814

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    Man, I thought I could be a prick. You guys are BRUTAL!! hahaha