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Due to work schedule changes I have 2 permits that I can not use and will email them to the first people who can use them.

permit #1 Adult Ottawa for this Friday 11/20/15

permit #2 youth waterfowl under 18 for Mosquito for this Saturday 11/21/15

Please reply here and we will get this taken care of.
I hope someone can use both of them.
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I could use the Ottawa if still available. text or call 419 494 5616.

Permit #1 for Ottawa this Friday is gone.
Do you need a boat for the youth hunt if not I could use it for my daughter
no boat the controlled hunt at mosquito is a field hunt
Thanks for the info if its still available ill take it this is my daughter's first year going out
The mosquito permit is still available.
give me your email address and I'll forward the permit to you.
Dan--Just emailed it to you.

All of the permits are gone!!!

Good Luck to all who are going hunting this weekend!

Please post pics after the hunt!!
I got it thanks alot does anyone know where I can get the rules for the hunt and a address for my gps
8303 North park avenue North bloomfield Ohio 44450
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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