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Found the ducks!

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In the north zone unfortunately. I was headed south on SR4 yesterday and saw at least 500 ducks circling a woodlot. It was the most ducks I've seen in two years. Too far north and too late.

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go to the tip of marblehead..you won't be disappointed...was there yesterday..pretty neat site to see.
So that far North you folks would want a late January season?

I assumed you were normally locked up by this time....

Just curious
I would, they could close the entire month of November and give us ducks in January.
I second that alot of birds in my area.
It's one thing to find them...the problem is gaining permission.
They were closer to Marion and I didn't see any open water around but I'm sure there was some where these birds wanted to be.

d r
I hunt close to Marion and I really didn't see many birds this year at all
mid november to to december is the best time for lake and surrounding area. Speak for yourself but The north zone time where good. The marsh zones where shiat
How many ducks did you guys have last year at this time?
Zero same as today, We do have some Geese however.

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