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Discussion in 'Ohio Gobbler Hunting' started by jeffk, Apr 2, 2005.

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    I was fooling around the other day and took two new master series decoys and custom painted them to look like a real turkey. Darker color,black where needed and better feather detail colors.<br> <br> Then&nbsp;I took a razor knife and made a small slit just above the tail junction and inserted some old tail feathers, large and small. I then used gorilla glue to lock the feathers in place. Also I glued some feathers at the high part of the back. <br> <br> In any small breeze the feathers come alive and add some real motion. <br> Won't know if this helps yet&nbsp;but it sure looks real.&nbsp; Just might help some gobblers take the final few steps needed this year to add a tag to their leg.<br>
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    Jeff,<br> <br> If you have any pictures we would sure like to see them.&nbsp; I know of guys that have taken and glued feathers to there Full Body decoys for goose hunting.&nbsp; Not only is this going to help you with some natural movement on the decoy it will also help cut down on some unnatural glare.<br> <br> Post up some pictures if you can.<br> <br> Thanks<br> Brett Buss<br> Avery Outdoors Pro-Staff<br>